Engine Components: Mitsubishi 3G81

Mitsubishi Minicab 3G81 Engine Components. Email for components not listed.

Mitsubishi Minicab Oil Filler Cap 3G81/3G83 Engines

Replacement Oil Filler Cap. Replace your old leaking cap with this Genuine Replacement. Fits U14T/U15T/U18T/U19TU41T/U42T/U62T

1,980 1250A015 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit: 6 Valve 3G81

Mitsubishi Engine Overhaul Gasket & Seal Kit for Minicab U14T/U15T 6 Valve 3G81 550cc Engines. Includes all Gaskets and Seals required for rebuilding your Engine. Limited Supplies; once stock sold out discontinued.

29,880 MD997407 Quantity:
Mitsubishi 3G81/3G83 Flywheel Holder Tool

Crankshaft in place to remove the Front Crankshaft Bolt or Flywheel Bolts. Genuine Mitsubishi Service Tools.

5,530 MD998608 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Valve Cover Gasket: All 6 Valve Engines 3G81, 3G83 Series

Mitsubishi Minicab Valve Cover Gasket U18T, U18V, U19T, U19V, U41T, U42T Engine 3G81 & 3G83 6 Valve Type 660cc. OEM PN: MD105881

1,980 SP-0045 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Water Pump U14T U15T 3G81 Engines

Fits 3G81 U14T/U15T. Fit both Supercharged and Non-Supercharged Engines. Replaces old PN MD997402

8,990 MD997409 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab 3G81 Upper Timing Belt Cover

OEM Replacement Part. Replace your worn or missing cover with this Genuine Replacement. Gasket included. Fits U12T/U14T. Email questions before ordering.

2,880 MD070797 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab 3G81 Lower Timing Belt Cover

OEM Replacement Part. Replace your worn or missing Lower cover with this Genuine Replacement. Gasket included. Fits U12T/U14T. Email questions before ordering.

3,780 MD070792 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab 3G81 Engine U14T/U15T Timing Belt

Replacement Timing Belt for 3G81 Engines. Email for fitting information. Replaces old PN MD127424

5,890 MD197121 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Timing Belt Tensioner Spring 3G81 U15T

Replace your worn or rusted tensioner with this new OEM replacement. The only way to make sure your tensioner stays tight. Fits U15T 3G81 550cc Engines.

1,880 MD122038 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Camshaft Seal: 3G81 Engines

Camshaft Seal for 3G81 Engines. Include Chassis number when ordering. Replaces old PN MD008762

980 MD372536 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Intake Valve Set: 6 Valve Engine

OEM Replacement Intake Valve Set (3 Intake valves): 30mm. Fits 3G81 & 3G83 6 Valve Engines.

6,800 MD113238 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Exhaust Valve Set: 6 Valve Engine

OEM Replacement Exhaust Valve Set (3 Exhaust valves): 26mm. Fits 3G81 & 3G83 6 Valve Engines.

6,800 MD113239 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Valve Stem Seal Kit: 6 Valve Engine

Valve Stem Seal Kit Fits 3G81 & 3G83 6 Valve Engines. Does not fit 12 Valve Engines.

3,800 MV422 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Valve Keeper Set: U15T, U18T, U19T, U41T, U42T

Valve Stem Cotters/Valve Keepers set for 6 Valve 3G81 & 3G83 Engines. U14T, U15T, U18T, U19T,U41T/U42T. (12) Keepers included).

3,840 MD016483-6 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Valve Spring Set: 6 Valve Engine

OEM Replacement Spring Set. Bring back the power of your engine with a fresh set of Springs. Fits 3G81 & 3G83 6 Valve Engines.

5,880 MD138488 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Rocker Arm Shaft SOHC 6 Valve Engines 3G81/3G83

Replacement Rocker Arm shaft for single shaft 6 Valve Engines. U14T/U15T/U18T/U19T/U41T/U42T. Also fits TORO Mitsubishi equipped engines. Does NOT fit Hemi Engines.

8,800 MD124101 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Cylinder Head Bolt Set 6 Valve Engine

Complete 3G83 660cc & 3G81 550cc Cylinder Head Bolt Set for 6 Valve Engines. Includes (8) Bolts. Does not fit Hemi Head 12 Valve Heads.

5,880 MD100103 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Piston Ring Set: STD 3G81 Engine

Mitsubishi Piston Ring Set: STD for 3G81 550cc Engines. U14T/U15T

18,800 MD115148 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Connecting Rod 3G81 Engine

Replacement connecting Rod for U14T/U15T 3G81 550cc Engines. Replaces old PN MD098525 Sold individually

9,880 MD195765 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Bravo 3G81 Engine Series: Connecting Rod Set

OEM Factory Replacement. Models: U14T/U15T 3G81 Engine Non-Supercharged. Very limited supplies. Replaces old PN MD098525 Always Include your VIN Number when ordering

29,880 MD195765-SET Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Bravo 3G81 & 3G83 Engine Series: Connecting Rod Bearing Set

OEM Factory Replacement

Models: U15T, U19T, U41T, U41TP, U42T
Complete OEM Set
Include VIN number when ordering

7,980 MD114816 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Main Bearing Set: STD 3G81 Engine

Mitsubishi Crankshaft Main Bearing Set: STD for 3G81 550cc Engines. U14T/U15T

14,880 MD114812 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Head Gasket 3G81 U14V, U14T, U15T

Mitsubishi Minicab Head Gasket 3G81 U14V, U14T, U15T                                             OEM PN: MD315165 MD107235

4,800 MD315165
Mitsubishi Minicab Oil Pressure Front Case Assembly: 6 Valve 3G81/3G83 Engines

Replace your worn oil pressure regulator and front seal case assembly restoring proper oil flow and pressure. Fits 3G81 & 3G83 6 valve engines. Note: NOT for 12 Valve Hemi Engines

9,980 MD127707 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Oil Pressure Front Case Assembly Gasket: 3G81 & 3G83 Engines

Front Crank Seal & Oil Pressure Regulator Case Gasket. Fits all 3G81 & 3G83 Engines

1,280 MD190008 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Distributor Cap U15T 3G81

OEM Replacement Distributor Cap. Also replaces PN MD611732

2,980 T232T31271 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Distributor Rotor U15T 3G81

OEM Replacement Distributor Rotor. Also replaces PN MD611817

1,880 T880T18971 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Spark Plug Set 3G81 Engines

Mitsubishi Minicab Spark Plug Set (3 plugs) U14T, U14V, U15T, U15V. Replaces OEM MS851283

2,280 BP6E-SET Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Timing Belt Tensioner U15T, U19T

Timing Belt Tensioner Replacement for U14T, U15T 3G81 550cc and U18T, U19T 660cc Engines.

4,800 MD120266 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Fuel Pump: U14T/U15T

Genuine Mitsubishi Replacement Part. Electric Fuel pump Fits U14T/U15T Minicab Trucks. Very limited supplies, once sold out no further production.

28,800 MD116974 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Exhaust Manifold Retainer Nuts

Replace your rusted exhaust manifold nuts with this OEM set. Fits 3G81/3G83 Engines. U14T/U15T/U18T/U19T/U41T/U42T. Includes (6) High Temp Nuts.

1,980 MD000569-6-SET Quantity:

Engine Components: Mitsubishi 3G81

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