Ignition Coils


Yokohama Motors Carries both OEM and a Limited Supply of Aftermarket Ignition Coils. For Vehicles Not Listed Email us with your VIN number.

Subaru Sambar: TT1/TT2/TV1/TV2: Ignition Coil Set

Replace your faulty Ignition Coils set. Note: Sold as a set and not individually. Comes complete with mounting bracket.

14,650 22433-KA581 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar: KS3/KS4/KV3/KV4: Point Type Carbureted Ignition Coil

Replace you faulty Ignition Coil with this OEM Subaru Replacement. This Coil fits Points Type, Carbureted early 1990fs Sambar Models. Email us with your VIN number for correct applications. Replaces old PN 2243-KA160

14,680 22433-KA360 Quantity:
Honda HA4: Ignition Coil 13,890 30500-PE0-006 Quantity: Please Include your VIN# or Chassis No.
Honda Acty HA4: Distributor Mounted Igniter

Honda Acty HA4 Distributor Igniter. We must have your chassis number to process this order.

22,880 30120-P64-505 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet S210V, S210P Ignition Coil

Daihatsu Hijet Ignition Coil (1) S200P/S210P/S200V/S210V trucks & Vans. Sold individually. Include chassis number when ordering.

8,800 90048-52126 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Ignition Coil

New Genuine Daihatsu Ignition Coil. Fits Hijet S100/S110/S120?S130/S140 and Daihatsu Midget K100 Series Vehicles. Email questions before ordering.

14,750 90048-52106 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Ignition Coil S110V Series Vans

OEM replacement coil for EFNS, EFES Vans. Fits S100V, S110V. Email chassis number when ordering.

14,880 90048-52107-000 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Bravo U61V, U61T, U62V, U62T Ignition Coil

Minicab Bravo U61V, U61T, U62V, U62T Ignition Coil

12,980 9,280 On Sale! MD346383 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry: DB71T: Ignition Coil

Factory Suzuki OEM Denso Replacement. Denso PN# 029700-6114. For proper application email us your Chassis Number for part verification.

12,480 33410-85010 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DD51T Ignition Coil DD51T

OEM Genuine replacement Coil: 2 pin type

13,500 33410-70G00 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Direct Ignition Coil

Suzuki Carry Every Mazda Scrum Direct Ignition Coil. Fits all DA52T, DB52T, DA62T, DA63T, DA65T. Sold Individually (1)

8,800 33400-76G00 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Ignition Coil (3) Set

Set includes Three (3) Ignition Coils. DB52T, DA63T

18,880 33400-76G00-SET Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep: J57, J58, J59 Ignition Coil

Genuine OEM Replacement PN MD003820. Includes Coil Mounted Resistor as shown.

0 Sold-Out Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Ignition Coil U41T/U42T

OEM replacement Ignition Coil. Include VIN number when ordering

15,700 MD194307 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab U41T/U42T Ignition Coil Type 2

Mitsubishi U41T/U42T OEM Replacement coil. We must have your VIN number to process this order to insure correct unit.

13,500 MD167837 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Ignition Coil Electronic Type Distributors

OEM Replacement Coil for Electronic non-supercharged EN07C Engines. Includes coil protection cover. Also replaces 22433KA261 Diamond Brand OEM Replacements.

13,800 22433KA380 Quantity:
Suzuki Jimny Ignition Coil

OEM Suzuki Replacement Ignition Coil. Include chassis number when ordering.

9,880 33410-830V0 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Ignition Coil Set S200P S210P

Daihatsu Hijet Ignition Coil Set (3) S200P/S210P/S200V/S210V trucks & Vans. Include chassis number when ordering.

19,880 90048-52126-SET Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Ignition Coil S80P, S81P, S82P, S83P

OEM Daihatsu S80P, S81P, S82P, S83P Ignition Coil. Replaces Diamond F-604. Note: Does not replace tube style Coils in S80, S81.

15,980 90048-52084-000 Quantity:

Ignition Coils

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