Reconditioned Cylinder Heads


Replace your worn or damaged Cylinder Head with these Japanese Factory Rebuilt Units. Rebuilt here in Japan with Factory OEM Components! We carry heads for all Japanese Vehicles including some Classic Vehicles. For People wishing more power, our Custom Flow heads maybe for you! Email for special requests!
No Core Charge!
Cylinder Heads that are not in Stock have an average turnaround waiting time of 7-14 Days. Special Orders 2-3 Weeks for Race Heads. For Power Version Heads send an email with your requirements.
Note: Cylinder Heads can be extremely Heavy items. Email for shipping options. Always include your VIN number when forwarding questions.

F5A Suzuki Carry Cylinder Head

(Presently Sold Out. Only COmplete Engines Available: Contact for more information. Suzuki Carry F5A Factory Rebuilt Cylinder Head. Remanufactured here in Japan with OEM Suzuki Parts to Factory Specifications. Simply bolt on this new head and experience power gains. Includes Head Gasket. Intake & Exhaust gasket not included.

0 SOLD-OUT Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Cylinder Head F6A

Rebuild Cylinder Head for F6A Suzuki Carry Carbureted Engines. We must have your chassis number to process this order.

89,880 11100-71G01 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Cylinder Head 660cc Turbocharged Engines

(Presently SOLD OUT, Email for availability) Rebuild Turbocharged Engine Cylinder Head. Fits DD51T/DA51T/DA51V Trucks and vans. Includes head Gasket & Intake Gasket. Include Chassis number when ordering. Replaces od PN 11110-70B02. No core charge

0 SOLD-OUT Quantity:
Suzuki DA62T, DA63T Cylinder Head K6A Engine

OEM Suzuki DA62T, DA63T Replacement Cylinder Head. Brand new bare head. Replace you cracked or warped cylinder head with this new replacement. We require you VIN number for ordering.

126,000 11100-85G00 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet S80P, S81P EB Engine Cylinder Head

Factory Remanufactured Cylinder Head with OEM Daihatsu Parts. Includes new cylinder head gasket. We must have your chassis or VIN to process this order. Email any questions before ordering. No Core Charge.

89,880 DAIEB80CYLHD Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet S110P SOHC 2 Valve Rebuilt Cylinder Head

Daihatsu Hijet SOHC S100P/S110P Trucks 2 Valve Rebuilt Cylinder Head. EFNS, EFTS, EFES. Simply bolt on this new head and experience power gains. Email for other cylinder heads and shipping costs. Heavy Item. OEM PN: 11101-87B92-000 or EFES 11101-87B04-000

89,880 11101-87B92-000 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Cylinder Head U42T/U62TT 12 Valve

Replace your worn or warped head with this factory rebuilt unit. Comes with head gasket. Fits 3G83 Hemi Heads Include chassis number when ordering.

89,880 U42TCYL12VHD Quantity:
Mitsubishi U41T/U42T SOHC 6 Valve Rebuilt Cylinder Head

Mitsubishi U41T/U42T SOHC 6 Valve Rebuilt Cylinder Head. Simply bolt on this new head and experience power gains. Email for other cylinder heads and shipping costs. Heavy Item. OEM PN: MD161335 or MD187908

89,880 MD187908 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4, KV4, KV3 Cylinder Head

Subaru Sambar: Supercharged Cylinder Head. Factory Rebuilt and flow tested. Re-manufactured with OEM Subaru Parts for a perfect fit every time. Experience 10-14% Power Gain with these heads. Simply bolt on and go! For more information on application email before ordering.Note: This Head will not fit Carbureted Engines.(see part Number 11038-KA661)

89,880 11038-KA671 Quantity:

Reconditioned Cylinder Heads

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