Mini Truck Tools & Misc


Tools and Other Miscellaneous Parts for Mini Truck Maintenance.

Daihatsu Hijet Professional Clutch Alignment Tool

OEM Daihatsu Tool. Steel constructed and built to last. Align S110P & S210P Series Trucks; also fits S100 & S200 Series vans.

3,890 09301-87501-000 Quantity:
Mitsubishi 3G81/3G83 Flywheel Holder Tool

Crankshaft in place to remove the Front Crankshaft Bolt or Flywheel Bolts. Genuine Mitsubishi Service Tools.

5,530 MD998608 Quantity:
Mitsubishi 3G83 Professional Hemi Head 4 Valve Spark Plug Socket

Use this Genuine Mitsubishi Professional Service Spark Plug Socket for the Hemi Head Type, 4 Valve Cylinder Heads to easily remove spark plugs. Extremely smooth to use and has a nice magnetic holder for ease of removal & installation. A must have for the professional mechanic.

3,690 MB991398 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab/Bravo 4Valve Hex Head Cylinder Head Bolt Removal Tool

Use this Genuine Mitsubishi Mechanics 8mm Hex Head Cylinder Head Bolt Wrench to safely remove head bolts. Fits perfect into the bolt head at the right height and will not round out the head bolts. Use this wrench with confidence and Japanese Quality. Note: Also fits Suzuki DD51T cylinder head bolts.

4,600 MB991412 Quantity:
Mitsubishi OEM Tool Kit U61T, U62T, U61V, U62V


Replace your missing Tool Kit with this Factory Replacement Complete with Lug Wrench & Spark Plug Wrench.

3,890 3,750 On Sale! MR510357 Quantity:
Suzuki F6A and F5A Engine Flywheel Holder

Use this Genuine Suzuki Flywheel Holder to easily hold the Flywheel in place to remove/install the front Crankshaft bold. A must have tool for Suzuki Engine repair facilities and garages.

6,780 09924-17811 Quantity:

Mini Truck Tools & Misc

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