Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel System Components


Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel System and Related Components. If you do not see the part you wish in this section simply contact us; we have it if it still exists.



Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Pump: Gasoline Engines: Early Type

Early type gasoline Mitsubishi Jeep Two tube type Gasoline mechanical pump. Fits J27, J37, J47, J57, J58, J59 Jeeps. Fits 1979 and older. Very limited supplies.

22,890 MD023383 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Pump Late Model

Mitsubishi Jeep Late Model 1980 and newer three tube type Gasoline mechanical pump. Fits J27, J37, J47, J57, J58, J59 Jeeps.

19,880 MD138586 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Mechanical Fuel Pump Mount Gasket Set

For Gasoline mechanical pump J27, J37, J47, J57, J58, J59 Jeeps.

1,280 MD190929-2 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Cap: Diesel Fuel

Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Cap: Diesel Fuel OEM replacement diesel fuel cap for J50 series Mitsubishi Jeep 1975-1998. Includes (2) Locking Keys Note: will NOT fit Gasoline tanks.

7,980 MC115556 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Filter J25H

Old Style Cartridge Type Diesel Fuel Filter for Classic Mitsubishi Jeeps. Limited Supply.

2,330 3166201031 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Filter J53, J55


Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Filter J53, J55
Fits late model J53, J55 Turbocharged Diesel Engines. We stock other Air Filters, please inquire.

2,340 ME006066 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Gage: 24V Diesel

J53, J55, J56, J24 Note: May fit other diesel models. Limited Supply: OEM Replacement

8,970 MB140917 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep J50 Series Diesel Fuel Gage Tank Sending Unit


OEM Replacement: Replace Broken or misreading unit with this factory replacement.
Mitsubishi Genuine Parts. Fits J53, J54, J55. Email for others.

8,770 MB070476 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep J56/J58 OEM Replacement Muffler

OEM replacement muffler for J56/J58 Mitsubishi Jeeps. Discontinued item, limited supplies. Note: Does not fit diesel Jeeps, email for other applications.

18,580 MA317270 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Exhaust Clamp

OEM Replacement Part. Replace your rusted or damaged exhaust pipe clamp with this HD unit

1,680 MB431218 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep: Diesel Fuel Tank Chrome Emblem

Replace your missing or faded gDh Emblem (Diesel Fuel Mark) located originally near the fuel tank cap. Genuine Mitsubishi Replacement Part

2,240 MA334607 Quantity:

Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel System Components

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