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Welcome to Yokohama Motors JDM Auto Parts Store. Japanese OEM and Quality Aftermarket products direct to you from Japan. Over 30 years in the export market and located in Yokohama. We carry all OEM parts for all Japanese JDM vehicles, both cars & trucks. Classic cars and Mitsubishi Jeeps included.

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Mitsubishi Minicab Engine Long Block U41T/U42T 3G83 660cc Engine Series 6 Valve

Refurbished Factory remanufactured Long Block Engine. For more information click more info.

・198,000 ENGINE3G6V Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Engine Block U41T/U42T 3G83 660cc Engine Series

Refurbished Factory 3G83 Engine Block. Replace your worn out block with this fresh unit. Bare Block includes countershaft. Click for more info

・55,000 MD173286 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar EN07Y Supercharged Engine

Subaru Sambar EN07Y Supercharged Engine

・198,000 EN07YENGASSY Quantity:
Suzuki Carry K6A Factory Rebuilt Engine Truck/Van

Suzuki Factory Remanufactured Engine. Rebuilt at the factory with all Genuine Suzuki Parts.

・220,000 K6A-OEM Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DB71T F5A Engine

Factory rebuilt F5A 550cc Carbureted Series Engine. Click for more information.

・198,000 ENF5AENGASSY Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet S80P EB 550cc Engine

Daihatsu Hijet S80P EB 550cc Engine

・198,000 EB550ENGINELONG Quantity:
Daihatsu S210P 5 Speed 4WD Manual transmission

Quality low kilometer units. Free Shipping to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia by DHL to your door. For other countries email before ordering.

・125,000 33010-97506-000 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab U41T/U42T Carburetor Overhaul Kit

Rebuilt your U41T/U42T/U41V/U42V Minicab Truck or Van with this OEM Mitsubishi Overhaul Kit. Genuine Mitsubishi Parts.

・12,980 U42TOVERHAULKT Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet: Carburetor Gasket Kit: S80/S81/S82/S83 Series

Daihatsu OEM Replacement Parts Gasket Kit. Fits all Trucks/vans S80 Series. Rebuild your tired, leaking or broken carburetor with these Genuine Daihatsu Parts..

・9,850 S80-S83-Carb-Kit Quantity:
Subaru Sambar Factory Rebuilt Carburetor: KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4 EN07 Engine

Sambar Factory Rebuilt Carburetor: KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4 EN07 Engine. Will be shipped by DHL only. Email any questions before ordering.

・29,500 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Rebuilt Factory OEM Carburetor DD51T

DD51T Rebuilt Carburetor

・29,500 13201-77D91
Suzuki Carry DD51T Remanufactured Brake Caliper: Left

Factory Rebuilt Passenger Side (Left) Caliper. Please include VIN number when ordering. We have Calipers for all makes and models. No Core Charge.

・19,800 55102-50FA00 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DD51T Remanufactured Brake Caliper: Right

Suzuki Carry DD51T Remanufactured Brake Caliper: Right Factory Rebuilt Drivers Side (Right) Caliper. Please include VIN number when ordering. We have Calipers for all makes and models. No Core Charge.

・19,800 55101-50FA00 Quantity: Please include VIN or Chassis number when ordering
Suzuki Jimny Lift Kit: 2 Inch

Suzuki Jimny JA11 & JA71 Series Leaf Spring Lift Kit. Raises vehicle 2 inches for higher clearance. Set of (4) Leaf Spring Shackles included. Stainless Steel Made in Japan.

・15,800 JA11VLFSET Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Front Left Lower Arm DC51T, DD51T

Suzuki Quality OEM Replacement Part. Front Passenger Side Lower Arm.

・11,980 45202-55FA2 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Lower Arm DB52T Drivers Side

We carry all the parts for your Suzuki Carry DB52T, DA52T. Email us your request. We are an authorized Suzuki Parts Reseller. We have what you need.

・11,880 45201-77A12 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Rebuilt Distributor Type 1

Mitsubishi U41T/U42T Factory Rebuilt Distributor. We must have your VIN number to process this order to insure correct unit. Alternate PN T2T83471. T2T83472

・24,800 MD180933 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry & Mazda Scrum Radiator DC51B, DC51T, DD51T, DD51B

Suzuki Carry & Mazda Scrum Radiator DC51B, DC51T, DD51T, DD51B

・24,500 17700-50F00 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet: Master Cylinder: S80P Series

Master Cylinder Assembly: S80P Standard: Bore ID=19.05mm or 3/4 Inch. OEM Daihatsu Genuine Replacement Parts. For fitting requirements send email with Chassis VIN number. We carry Rebuilt kits also, inquires welcome.

・29,850 47201-87513-000 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab: U41T, U42T, U41V, U42V Brake Pad Kit

Replace your worn Brake Pads with these OEM Made in Japan originals. Don’t trust your life with cheap imitations. Manufactured by Toyota for Mitsubishi. For other applications email us.

・6,280 MB950637 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4 Carburetor Gasket Kit

This is an OEM Subaru Factory Main Gasket Kit. This will allow you to disassemble, inspect, clean and reassemble your carburetor. For other internal gaskets and parts not included in this kit you may order separately.

・2,230 16158-KA200 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab: U41T, U42T, U41V, U42V 3G83 Piston

Genuine Mitsubishi OEM 3G83 Standard Size Piston. We must have you VIN number to match. For other applications email us. Sold individually.

・8,980 MD161582 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DB71T/DD51T: Door Mirror Assembly RH

Replace you broken Driver’s side Door Mirror with this excellent replacement. Includes base cover. Please include VIN number when ordering.

・6,750 84701-85001 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Clutch Cable S82, S83 5-Speed MT

Daihatsu Hijet OEM Clutch Cable S82, S83 5-Speed MT

・9,850 31340-87D07 Quantity:
Honda Acty HA4 Fuel Pump: Frame Mount Type

Replace your faulty fuel pump with Genuine Honda OEM Replacements. For questions about proper parts matching send us your VIN number before ordering. We carry Honda replacements for all Honda Cars/Trucks.

・17,210 16700-PZ3-013 Quantity:
Honda Acty: E07A: Distributor Cap: HA3/HA4/HH3/HH4

Honda Acty: E07A: 660cc: Genuine Honda Distributor Cap: HA3/HA4/HH3/HH4. 660cc Engines. We carry all Honda Distributor Caps in stock. We require your VIN number to process this order. Email us for other applications.

・3,280 30102-PZ3-J02 Quantity:
Suzuki DC51T/DD51T: F6A: Carbureted: Piston Ring Set STD

Fits Every Trucks/Vans: Carbureted

Genuine Suzuki OEM Replacement Parts

Engine Series: F6A

Part: Piston Ring Set: STD (Standard)
Diagram Item: 1
Note: Other Sizes Available, Email for Availability

・15,860 12140-51F10 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet: S210P: SOHC: Cylinder Head Bolt Kit

Replace your Cylinder Head Bolts with these OEM Daihatsu Replacement Bolts including Washers: Kit includes eight (8) New Bolts/Washers. Note: Will not fit DOHC Engines. Email for other sizes. We carry all Daihatsu Bolts for all Daihatsu Vehicles.

・5,280 90041-19959 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab Bravo 3G83 Engine Series: Connecting Rod Bearing Set

OEM Factory Replacement

Models: U41T, U41TP, U42T
Complete Set
Include VIN number when ordering

・7,980 MD114816 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Cap: Diesel Fuel

Mitsubishi Jeep Fuel Cap: Diesel Fuel OEM replacement diesel fuel cap for J50 series Mitsubishi Jeep 1975-1998. Includes (2) Locking Keys Note: will NOT fit Gasoline tanks.

・7,980 MC115556 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry: DB52T Camshaft Position Sensor

Failing Camshaft Position Sensors can cause rough idle, hard starts, and loss of power. Recommended to change every 100,000 Kilometers or at the same time as Timing Belt Replacement.

・8,050 33220-76G02 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep J50 Series Fender Mirror

Mitsubishi Jeep Restoration Parts. Attaches to post on fender. Fender mirror post sold separately. This mirror can be used on either Left or Right Fender.

・4,620 MB152496 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry: DD51T/DC51T Mazda Scrum DK51T Clutch Disk Kit

Replace your worn out clutch with this complete 3 piece set 1. Clutch Disk 2. Pressure Plate/Cover 3. Throughout Bearing Also fits Mazda Scrum: DJ51B

・13,800 SZK011 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Mincab: U42T: 4WD Free Wheel Clutch Solenoid ・12,640 MB569739 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar: TT1/TT2/TV1/TV2: Ignition Coil Set

Replace your faulty Ignition Coils set. Note: Sold as a set and not individually. Comes complete with mounting bracket.

・14,650 22433-KA581 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep: J57, J58, J59 Ignition Coil

Replace your faulty Mitsubishi Jeep Ignition Coil with this Genuine OEM Replacement. Includes Coil Mounted Resister as shown.

・13,480 MD003820 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar KS3/KS4/KV3/KV4 Supercharger Oil

Change your supercharger oil with this OEM specially formulated replacement oil. Supercharger Oil should be changed every 40,000 Kilometers. Engine: EN07Y. 30Ml Bottle.

・2,850 08885-09007 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep hood Latch

Mitsubishi Jeep hood Latch OEM replacement Hood/Bonnet Latch. Replace your broken, rusted or missing latch.

・2,280 MJ663548 Quantity:
Sambar KS4/KV4: Front Differential Rear Mount Assembly

Sambar KS4/KV4: Front Differential Rear Mount Assembly Rear Differential mounts that are bad provide rough ride and cause vibration in the drive train. This will damage struts with overstress on the suspension. Always replace from differential mounts before replacing struts.

・4,280 41322TA000 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DD51T Rear Transmission Mount

Replace your worn Transmission mounts with these Genuine Suzuki Replacement Parts. Worn mounts can cause excessive rear driveshaft vibration destroying the U-Joints. Should be changed every 60,000 kilometers. Sold Individually (2) Required

・6,980 11710-85401 Quantity:
Honda Acty HA3/HA4 Front Disk Rotor Set

Replace your worn or damaged front rotors with these quality replacements. This kit includes two (2) front rotors (1 Set). If you wish to order only one (1) individual rotor send us an email request. Please include VIN number when ordering.

・12,860 45251-SF4-000 Quantity:
Subaru Sambar & Domingo 4WD Front Wheel Bearing

Replace your worn front wheel bearings with this new bearing. Fits KS4, KV4 4WD Subaru Sambar Vehicles. Also fits Subaru Domingo FA7, FA8 4WD Vehicles. Email questions before purchase.

・4,890 28016-TA000 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep Military Option Headlamp Steel Guards

Rare option: Genuine Japanese Military Headlamp Guards. A must for off-road driving. Heavy duty Military Parts, Fits All Mitsubishi Jeeps. Color: Army Green. Limited Supplies.

・9,880 MA3935852 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry Fuel Injector: DA52T, DB52T

Replace your faulty Fuel Injector with this OEM Replacement Part. Sold Individually. Email questions before ordering.

・13,600 15710-78G00 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet: S80, S81, S82, S83P Headlamp Bezel

Daihatsu OEM Replacement Bezel for round-headlamps. Sold individually. Email any question before purchase.

・2,870 81111-87502 Quantity:
Honda Acty HA4 Rear Hub/Drum

Rear Brake Combination Drum/Hub Assembly. Includes new Stud Bolts. Genuine Honda OEM Replacement parts fit perfect every time. We require you VIN number when ordering to assure proper fitting. Email any questions before ordering. Sold individually. Note: Heavy Item 5.5 kilograms/13 pounds.

・18,900 42600-SJ6-010 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab: U42T Driveshaft U-Joint/Spider Joint

Replace your broken or worn out U-Joint for you U42T with this OEM Replacement. Front and rear Driveshaft uses same U-Joint. For other applications email us.

・6,980 MB505372 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DD51T Steering Rack Assembly

Replace your worn out Steering Rack with this Complete New Factory Replacement Steering Rack assembly. We also carry in stock used and rebuilt units. Email questions before ordering. Always include VIN number when placing an order to insure proper fitting.

・48,980 48500-50FA0 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Jeep: Chrome Lamp Bezel

Genuine Mitsubishi OEM Chrome Headlamp Bezel. Nice Japanese quality chrome bezel to replace your old rusted or missing Bezel. Sold individually.

・4,880 MA601217 Quantity:
DA62T Floor Mat Set

Replace your worn or missing floor mats with this nice Made in Japan replacement set. Excellent long life carpeted material. In the order form section please state “Black or Beige”.

・7,800 DA62Tbeigemat Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab U41T/U42T Rear Access Panel Lid Gasket

Rear Access Panel lid gasket. Stop water and dust from falling on your engine with this OEM replacement gasket

・2,880 MB654374 Quantity:
Mitsubishi Minicab U41T/U42T Rear Access Panel Lid

Replace your rusted, damaged or missing rear engine access panel lid with this brand new replacement. Comes in black primer color only.

・8,990 MB945380 Quantity:
Daihatsu Hijet Fuel Tank: S210P

Replace your rusted or damaged fuel tank with this Daihatsu OEM Replacement Unit. You must include your chassis number when ordering. Does not include fuel pump. Email questions before ordering.

・31,450 77001-B5160 Quantity:
Suzuki Carry DD51T 4WD Transfer Case Knob

Replace your broken or missing 4WD engagement Knob/Button Assembly. Includes proper attachment screw.

・3,970 29345-79D50-5PK Quantity:

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